4th International Yoga Day

Join the Bright side of Life – Celebrate Yoga with practice!

The summer solstice marks once again the International Yoga Day and you are invited to join us for an intense, yet relaxed and joyful day of yoga celebration through FREE and united practice and healthy snacks!

Please join us in starting this Day of Yoga with the summer solstice meditation, in our new Yoga centre, marking its very bright and glorious opening!

Right after this, the program will continue with a bit of Hatha Yoga practice, concluding the session by the famous, yet still mysterious, Hamsah meditation!

And since it is a celebration, just before letting you go off to lunch,  you will be invited to enjoy some fresh fruits and veggies, maybe even some healthy sweets!

There will be a lunch break, and right after, we resume our Yoga Day Celebration with an afternoon session of Hatha Yoga and Hamsah meditation, to align ourselves once again to the universal flow of the Cosmic and Telluric energies of the Summer Solstice Day! And this will have prepared us very well to then join thousands of yogis all around the world in doing the Heart of the World meditation, and a special Yang spiral meditation!

We look forward to receiving you in our new Yoga Centre in Leith Links, Edinburgh, on this 4th International Yoga Day, for joyful practice to mark our united choice to join the Bright side of Life!