Soma Yoga Scotland joins many international yoga schools in a program of asanas and meditation practiced in unison worldwide, by many experienced yogis and beginners alike, to celebrate together this 3rd anniversary of the International Yoga Day . Due to this unison practice, a subtle supporting field is generated and this will create a genuine energy matrix that will help all those who wish to experience (even for the first time), the extended benefits of practicing certain yoga asanas.

In our school, the way we practice asanas is aimed to enhance our awareness, and thus the hatha yoga practice can easily turn into a guided meditation that calms the mind and allows deeper diving into the essence of our being. Most people who come to our classes say we are quite different from any other yoga class they have ever tried. We also believe it to be so, as we aim to bring more awareness upon the multiple beneficial effects yoga practice has on the human being, on all levels, not just the physical and well-being.

We are doing two events on this day:

  • Morning Hatha yoga and Ham Sa meditation at the Botanical Gardens, 10.45-12.15
  • Evening celebration at Stockbridge Library: Hatha yoga, Ham Sa meditation, Heart of the World meditation and special Yang Spiral meditation – 4.45 – 8.05 pm


Please join us in this free celebration and let us all be united and discover the Joy that Yoga brings into our Life when practiced with love!

Come meet Soma Yoga Scotland and see what it feels like to practice with us!