Integral Tantra Yoga class – amazing genuine experience in Edinburgh!
As the sunny days make their way into our hearts and city, SOMA YOGA SCOTLAND is opening a new beginners class where everyone can explore the mysteries of the genuine tradition of tantra and yoga!
Join us for this new season!
Just try it to get a glimpse of what this is, and see how it fits with you, or sign up for full (10 weeks) or half term (5 weeks) to get yourself back on track and take the time to see some results!
– presentations of genuine tantra yoga principles
– heartfull practice of hatha yoga techniques (body postures) – an ingenious way to practice yoga asanas and explore the realm they open up for us
– grow more confident in your being and your potentialities
– discover the control of the sexual life energies and how they can benefit your life
– bring calm, peace, relaxation together with much joy and enthusiasm into your every day life
– come see how much tantra yoga can bring into your life while on the yoga mat and afterwards!

We provide yogamats for everyone to practice, you just need to bring comfortable clothes, that allow you to move freely, and come with an open mind and heart, ready to discover a different way, more in deapth of practicing and exploring the realm of tantra yoga!