We are surrounded by new high-tech devices, new types of food and new developments in our environment.

Did we ask ourselves how healthy our environment is? How healthy is our food, our relationship with our beloved, with our families, our surroundings, our inner being or our soul?

Some of us could say: ‘yes’, they live a healthy life because they follow a healthy diet or they go to the gym. Did you think that sweating at the gym is not enough to consider yourself living a healthy way?

But how many of us think that a healthy way to live our lives is to follow our heart, our inner voice, our intuition, our deep wishes of our souls, our true meaning of being or passing in this life on this planet?

When joining our classes, you may learn, through your own experience, that the practice of yoga could lead you to a healthy life. Yoga means much more than physical exercise. The practice of Yoga involves focusing on subtle energies while we perform a specific yoga posture.

Through yoga we can restore our energetic equilibrium, we can find peace in our heart, we can calm our mind, we can attain self-contentment and we can increase our positive outlook on life.

Bringing harmony in our being through the practice of yoga, we bring harmony around us, in our relationships, in our family, in our work environment and in this way we are spreading harmony on this planet making our planet to be healthier because we contributed to it.

A warm recommendation to live healthier is to increase in our being through the practice of yoga some of the divine qualities such as generosity, altruism, enthusiasm, forgiveness and love.