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Discernment in current affairs

Submitted by Sublima on Sat, 22/08/2020 - 15:15

The Sanskrit word viveka means "discernment".  This quality of seeing the true reality beyond superficial appearances is vital in traditional yoga.  Often the term is applied to our inner world: our Ego endlessly shouts that we are separate, lonely, vulnerable, and need to take what we can.  Our Heart gently whispers that we are one with the world and we should give all that we can.  We hear it only if we can quieten the mind and start on a path to inner peace, freedom and bliss.

Let's be clear, our Yoga school is absolutely not about politics.  Yet if we are to live in the modern world it's important to turn our discernment outwards lest we be blinded, manipulated and cheated.  Let's take, for example, President Trump.  He is often reported to be idiotic or crazy, yet this comes from our mass media controlled by a handful of billionaires who obviously have vested interests in preserving their own huge income and power.  So let's consider that the media might be like the inner Ego, endlessly shouting to cover up astonishing truths.

We see another reality if we look deeper to what Trump has actually achieved in the name of his own motto:

We will give the power - which has been stolen - back to the people

During his time in office, he has vocally and even outrageously supported some key policies: attacks on North Korea, then Venezuela; expansion of Israel; strengthening of the US-dominated Swift financial system.  Millions of ethically-minded people around the world might gratefully reflect that his actions have hindered the policies he speaks for, with other world powers being forced to distance themselves from him.  But isn't it strange that Trump who — whatever you think of him has been hugely successful at getting what he wants in business and politics — should keep making such obvious mistakes?  Could there be an alternative explanation?

Try this article that proposes Trump as a subtle statesman who has achieved exactly what he wanted.  He has fought a globalist ideology centring power in a select few bankers, industrialists and media moguls by acting the fool — without caring that most people think he is one.  Be sure to take an open mind and plenty of discernment.  When you are done, turn your discernment back inwards again.  How did you react; why; what patterns, habits, attachments might underlie it?  Let's be clear: we are not suggesting that you should like the way Trump behaves or statements he makes.  It's just an invitation to notice he's trying to do something important that you also deeply wish for.

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