Ecstatic Yoga Course

Edinburgh Monday 6-8pm
Glasgow Saturday 10-12am

New beginners class - Edinburgh - Wednesday 6-8pm

Our Ecstatic Yoga course aims to help students deeply understand the physical and esoteric elements of the yoga practice. You will become able to discover how the teachings and the healthy principles of the yogi tradition can actually be applied into your daily life. As a result, you can regain you inner peace, harmony and balance, together with better health for your physical body.

Structure of the course

The Ecstatic Yoga course is structured over academic years.  Each weekly class lasts 2 hours and includes both theory and practice. Printed hand outs are given for further study, after each yoga class.

The theoretical part will aim to explain in words the classical teachings of Yoga, with new techniques being added gradually. This will be followed by a more practical part, where Hatha yoga postures are practised, as well as relaxation techniques and short meditations. In time, more complex techniques of the yoga tradition are added.

Considering the holistic approach you will find in our classes, we may say that Ecstatic Yoga is a course offered as a synthesis of various forms of Yoga, including Tantra Yoga, Raja Yoga, Kundalini Yoga, Maha Sidha Yoga, Bhakti Yoga.

Effects of attending the yoga course

Among the effects that can be attained through this practice there are: perfect health, clear, calm and perfectly controlled mind. A heart full of love and compassion, an overwhelming awakening of all potentialities of your being.

Moreover, instead of always longing for someone to come and offer you a little bit of affection, you will become the one who’s heart is always overflowing with love. Therefore, you will be like a guiding shinning star to which everyone will be turning for love, and there will be plenty of Love in your heart for absolutely everyone!

Ecstatic Yoga makes your heart blossom with Love and Joy!