New Academic Year Genuine Integral Esoteric Yoga Course

1st Beginners group: every Thursday 6-8pm, starting October 6th, 2022
2nd Beginners group: every Wednesday 6-8pm, starting October 12th 2022

Archangel Zadakiel, Humbleness and Healing

Archangel Zadakiel
4.50pm - 7.30pm
Soma Yoga Scotland

Join us for this next free event as part of our Week of celebrating Angels and Archangels by more consciously inviting them into our lives. 

Today we will call upon Archangel Zadakiel to reveal to us Forgiveness, Joy and Freedom and to help us discover in our own inner Universe how tightly these three aspects of life are connected. 

And we will also do one more time, the special one hour healing technique. 

Come join us, and bring any friend who would also like to enjoy the intimate communion with the Angels and Archangels.