New Academic Year Genuine Integral Esoteric Yoga Course

Beginners group: every Wednesday 6-8pm, starting September 2023

Discover the benefits of joining a group of women with spiritual ideals

Shakti group - opening meeting
Soma Yoga Scotland

From many perspectives, we can say we are living some apocalyptic times. There is no point in going around this aspect, it is the times we are living. 

There is no time to waste. Women are the bridge between the sacred and the profane, it is our mission and our responsibility to awaken ourselves spiritually as fast as we can, and to help others, too. 

We are calling to all women of Scotland, who aspire to join forces for the benefit and wellbeing of this planet Earth we all inhabit and live on. 

This year we will have our Shakti circle meetings every week, alternating the structure of the meetings as follows: 

  • one week we do a practical tantric method invoking with all of our hearts the specific Grace of Maha Shakti in Her multiple facets to manifest within and through our beings, for the wellbeing of this planet Earth and the entire World. 
  • on the other week we will be preparing to be better channels, by also learning constantly more aspects from the Tantric tradition that will help us discover and awake more and more our inner Femininity, learning how to let it shine through, learning even how to manifest it intentionally, also for the higher good of both ourselves, and everyone around us. 
  • This initial meeting on September 26th will be an introduction, to get to know each other, and set clear the goals and benefits of joining such a group of spiritual women who aspire to become perfect Shaktis - pure and perfect manifestations of the Eternal Feminine, Maha Shakti

If you feel you wish to become more aware and more connected to your own feminine power, please join me in this adventure, and let's learn to spread our wings together and fly high. 

Let us truly live a spiritual life following the deep aspirations of our feminine souls.