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Mahashivaratri Yang Spiral

Mahashivaratri yang spiral at Soma Yoga Scotland
7.45-9.40 pm
Soma Yoga Scotland

To celebrate Mahashivaratri this year, we are starting in unison with the many other yogis, a series of 7 special yang spiral meditations that we will do every Friday, starting from March 8, to April 19, inclusively. 

This will be an event having as a goal the consecration of the Planet Earth and all of its inhabitants to the Immaculate Heart of God the Father. 

Please arrive for this event precisely between 7.45-7.55pm, as at 8pm sharp we will start this action, and you will not be able to join us once we've started. Earlier there will be a class, so please arrive during the announced time, and make sure to keep quite, not to disturb the ongoing class. 

We hope to have as many of you as possible, as this is truly a glorious way to celebrate Mahashivaratri. 


Maha Shivaratri is considered as the most important Shivaratri night of the year, when the wedding of Shiva and His beloved Parvati is celebrated. It is also regarded as the night when Shiva performs his godly dance called Tandava. 

This is a time that greatly supports us in overcoming darkness and ignorance, a time when it is much easier to remember and reveal within our being our true value and essence. 

So, on this occasion, you are invited to join us in a one hour meditation done in a yang spiral formation, which supports even more the connection to the solar, yang energies and thus the profound communion with Shiva. 

The event is offered free of charge, to both our registered members and new people who would like to join us in this celebration. 

If this is your first time joining us for a yang spiral meditation, please make sure to arrive 10 mins earlier, so that you can be presented with a few essential elements.