Classes now running online

During the "stay at home" period, SOMA YOGA SCOTLAND continues to offer classes, bringing them to the comfort of your home, by running them ONLINE. Yoga practice is very helpful in both dealing with the added stress of these times, and with improving the heath of your immune system, thus increasing your chance to stay healthy and virus free.  We look forward to meeting you. 

New Esoteric Yoga Course

new yoga course October 2019

Our Esoteric Yoga course is still open to join, so if your New Year Resolution is to bring more meaning and joy to your life, come join us.

New weekly Esoteric yoga course in Edinburgh every Wednesday 6-8pm

Soma Yoga Scotland is a relatively new yoga school in Edinburgh, Scotland, bringing you a different perspective upon yoga practice, rigorously in line with the genuine and traditional teachings of yoga, yet applied to modern day life.

These days, most people already practice one form of yoga or another. However, we invite to to join us at Soma Yoga Scotland, to start exploring a type of yoga that is yet unique to Scotland. This is esoteric yoga, and we are offering it now in Edinburgh, at our Soma Yoga Centre in Leith.

The yoga classes offered by Soma Yoga Scotland, have proven to be highly valued by a large number of people, as they bring to life, before you, large volumes of genuine knowledge , both from a theoretical and practical perspective. You will be gradually introduced to and guided through the principles and elements specific to traditional esoteric yoga, presented in a manner that they can easily be understood and applied into our daily modern lives of the present day.

You can have your first class with us for FREE, and you are welcome to join this group any time until December 2019.


  • excellent health
  • naturally eliminating stress and tiredness (so common these days)
  • amplified intelligence and humour
  • inner dynamism and improved efficiency
  • harmonious integration within family and society
  • deepened self knowledge and self awareness
  • high levels of realisation on multiple levels of your being

About Esoteric Yoga

We have named our class esoteric yoga, as it is a form of yoga that offers an intelligent combination of traditional methods from the Yoga tradition, which when applied with perseverance and attention, triggers the harmonious growth and evolution of all aspects of the human being: physical, emotional, mental, intellectual and spiritual. This is mainly due to the esoteric approach to the practice that you will be introduced to, when you join our classes.

Although they can grant you access to high state of consciousness, the yoga techniques taught in our classes are simple and very easy to put into practice.

Whether you are a complete beginner to yoga, or have had some previous experience, you are all very welcome to join our classes. As you will see when taking this class, you will discover much more practical traditional elements than you may normally find in any yoga class or even western literature on yoga.

At the same time, the class will be progressing gradually, so even being a total beginner, you will very well be able to understand and practice the techniques, as they are introduced each week.

If you have any questions you would like answered and to sign up for the class, please simply send us a text message to 07507464582 or an email through the contact form on our website.