Classes now running online

During the "stay at home" period, SOMA YOGA SCOTLAND continues to offer classes, bringing them to the comfort of your home, by running them ONLINE. Yoga practice is very helpful in both dealing with the added stress of these times, and with improving the heath of your immune system, thus increasing your chance to stay healthy and virus free.  We look forward to meeting you. 

One Day Esoteric Yoga retreat

One Day Yoga retreat
Soma Yoga Centre, Leith, Edinburgh

Cost - full day  £70 (£40 for Soma students); half day is £40 (£25 for Soma students)

- we invite you all to this one full day of yoga practice, to give a proper and amazing new start to our New Year 2020. This will be a workshop meant to bring up to date any new persons who would like to join our classes, about the basic principles of our school and its teachings, and at the same time, it is a chance for our students to come back to this basic and fundamental notions and see how they are revealed to you now, from the level you find yourselves at this new beginning. 

Some highlights from the program of the day would be 

Lunch program : 12- 3pm

  • Law of resonance
  • chakras
  • 5 bodies
  • Asanas - warm ups and relaxation in the morning
  • Meditation lifting the energy from one chakra to the next

Meal break 3-5pm

Evening program 5-9pm 

  • Brachmacharya - Ashwini mudra
  • Hatha yoga practice
  • Attention in the yoga practice -  clock technique and shambhavi mudra