Shakti group

seats on the feminine circle of the Goddess
Soma Yoga Centre

Beautiful and amazingly loving ladies, you are invited to celebrate the Divine Feminine wihtin you. Join us for this circle of Feminine Power, to connect to other women on the spiritual path, in search for our Goddess within.

This first meeting shall be dedicated to the introductory elements about the state of Shakti, and the first of the 10 Tantric Goddesses, Kali, the Great Cosmic Power of Time, transformation and intense sensuality.

The group will involve meditations in a circle, while holding hands, connecting and sharing our feminine experiences, growing united and more aware of our beneficial occult potential.

There will be techniques of transfiguration, and teachings from the Tantric tradition.

The fee for this meeting is £15 for women not yet students of Soma Yoga centre, and £10 for students of Soma Yoga centre.