Classes now running online

During the "stay at home" period, SOMA YOGA SCOTLAND continues to offer classes, bringing them to the comfort of your home, by running them ONLINE. Yoga practice is very helpful in both dealing with the added stress of these times, and with improving the heath of your immune system, thus increasing your chance to stay healthy and virus free.  We look forward to meeting you. 

Shakti group

Tripura sundari
Soma Yoga Centre

As the New Year 2020 starts, so does our journey into discovering yet another one of the Tantric Goddesses.

Beginning with 4th of February 2020 we will be studying the Tantric Goddess known as Tripura Sundari, Goddess of Love, Beauty, Harmony and Truth. 

All women are welcome to sign up and join in, so that we together reveal our inner Goddess, so that it can shine brightly. 

This is a woman only event, and it unfolds as a circle of Feminine Power, aimed to connect women on the spiritual path, in order to thus enhance our spiritual awakening. 

These meetings shall be dedicated to the introductory elements about the state of Shakti, and the 10 Tantric Goddesses.

The group will involve meditations in a circle, while holding hands, connecting and sharing our feminine experiences, growing united and more aware of our beneficial occult potential.

There will be techniques of transfiguration, and teachings from the Tantric tradition.

The fee for this meeting is £15 for women not yet students of Soma Yoga centre, and £10 for students of Soma Yoga centre.