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Spring Equinox Yang Spiral Meditation

Spring Shiva Soma Yoga Scotland
Soma Yoga Scotland

 A magical moment of Shivaratri manifested at the same time with the peak of the Spring Equinox awaits us this Monday, on March 20th. 

We are celebrating this moment with a yang spiral meditation, and you are all invited, provided you contact us to save your place and arrive on time. 

To prepare for this meditation, here are some details of the meaning of the Spring Equinox:

At this time, the day is almost equal to the night, and from this moment onwards, for the following period the night is reducing its time, while the day starts growing.

This moment of ineffable harmony and balance brings about profound transformation of nature around us, as well as a beneficial transformation of our inner human nature.

Everything starts to awaken back to life, to enjoy the intense and profound beneficial subtle energies of spring. Especially during this period, a special spontaneous purification process takes place both in the physical body and in some of our subtle bodies. As a result, a state of calmness of consciousness, of psychic balancing, and emotional awakening gradually sets in.

From an esoteric perspective, this moment triggers in our being an ineffable state of resonance with the glorious androgynous condition, with the mystical state of harmony that under certain conditions is established in our inner universe between the feminine and masculine natures, between the inner man and the inner woman (between anima and animus). It is no coincidence that, especially during this period of silent rebirth and regeneration of nature, most animals are mating, plants are budding and, one by one, the seeds of life are being reborn all around us.

Looking at this moment from an astrological point of view, we see that the Sun passes now from the sign of Pisces into the sign of Aries. We are thus witnessing the end and beginning of a mysterious zodiacal cycle. Analogically speaking, the being is now like a volcano that is about to erupt, to explode. In this way, the being now becomes able to perform greater actions than anything they had imagined.

The meditative and contemplative state of Pisces is now replaced by the spontaneity and desire for affirmation of Aries. Especially now, unnecessary sacrifices and excessive idealism are being abandoned in favour of the exaltation of concrete experiences, of direct actions that are carried out with the idea of making our inner aspirations as concrete as possible. From now on, the being needs to fully adapt to these demands of rebirth, of revival, of awakening to reality, of coming out of sleep, of halting the process of hibernation (this stage having both a material and social significance, as well as a spiritual one). We are now required to adapt as best we can to the mysterious cycles of nature, because especially now our resistance is analogically, like swimming against the current. In some cases, this phenomenon of non-adaptation will often give rise to states of fatigue, of nervousness which are often without a reason – this is generally defined in medicine as “spring asthenia”.

This mysterious moment of hiatus spontaneously connects us with the huge subtle energies of the beginning, with the optimistic momentum that comes with each new beginning of life. At the same time, this moment of effervescence brings forth a fascinating blossoming of vitality. It harmoniously awakens virility and femininity in the being, giving impetus to the ecstatic experience of the mysterious springtime tumult that makes us spontaneous, courageous, dynamic and active.