New Academic Year Genuine Integral Esoteric Yoga Course

Beginners group: every Wednesday 6-8pm, starting September 2023


Finally found my Yoga school


I have tried many different types of Yoga over the last 25 years, including training as a teacher.  Finally 2 years ago I found Soma Yoga and the Yoga system I'd been seeking.

Traditionally Yoga is much more than a physical practice.  The ancient sages discovered a system of internal exploration that can transform every aspect of your life as far as you are open to change.  Ranging from elevated blissful states of meditation to practical daily wisdom; from emotional healing to opening my heart to love, the ancient Yoga system taught at Soma has enhanced my life in so...

A reluctant yogi


I came to yoga slightly reluctantly. I watched my partner doing his practice and wondered how he didn’t just get bored contorting his body into all those strange positions. I started attending classes and found the problems in my body start to diminish; but it is since joining Soma classes that I have started to feel the real benefits. The courses are very structured and allow you to discover gradually and naturally how the physical, energetic, mental and spiritual aspects of your being are intertwined.

It took me a while to take the plunge with Soma, partly because I was...

How Soma Yoga school has improved my life

Yogin Peterananda

I was looking for such a school for many years before I found this one.

I tried many different courses and yoga schools before, but non was satisfactory enough on so many different levels.

Doing simple yogic exercises with the necessary awareness and purification techniques helped me to transform my life completely.

My physical, mental and emotional health has improved. Also my concentration and memory have improved. I can read more books in shorter period of time and memorise more. It shapes my character to become a better person. 

Helped me to eliminate depression and anxiety. I sleep better and less...