New Academic Year Genuine Integral Esoteric Yoga Course

Beginners group: every Wednesday 6-8pm, starting September 2023

Ayurveda course

Atreya, sage of Ayurveda
Healthy eating

New course to start on the 10th of October, 2021 

12-2pm, every other week 

Ayurveda, the "art of living" was originally practiced and marked in writing by very special beings, of a high spiritual level who were able, due to their immense occult inner power to instil life into all the healing acts they would perform or assist. 

This year, we are starting to offer a course of studying this high spiritual knowledge of living, in order to help us make the journey back to living life in perfect harmony, as we were originally meant to. 

The course is offered as part of a collaboration with Ayurveda AMN in Romania, following their curriculum, which gives us the chance to study in depth the knowledge of Ayurveda, and truly follow the guidance of the original sages of Ayurveda, which is made accessible to our modern understanding. 

Given the times we are living, we all need to look more carefully into the way we live our lives, take a step back and learn how we can make our living a more harmonious and more joy bringing life. 

This Ayurveda course aims to bring back simplicity, spirituality and wisdom into our life choices, so that we can restore the a state of perfect harmony both within our inner universe, and in relation to the entire Creation around us, but also in our relationship to God, the Creator of all that exists. 

"Ayurveda’s millenary science seeks to awaken in every human being the genuine aspiration towards a superior, deep and complete harmony that is reflected on all levels of the being. This superior aspiration, constantly maintained in the being, is in fact the foundation of a genuine, profound and true state of health." - Ayurveda in Romania, 1st volume

The course will be offered in form of classes kept every 2 weeks, on Sunday, 12-2pm. It will give both profound knowledge, and practical methods on how we can make this knowledge very efficient in today's life.