New Academic Year Genuine Integral Esoteric Yoga Course

Course starts on September 17th, and it will run on Thursdays 6.30-8.30pm. We are very happy to welcome you back in our Yoga School.


Yoga is an esoteric path of absolute and total love and consciousness that leads to the complete and profound freedom of the being!

The purpose of Soma Yoga Scotland is to help you discover the blissful experience that life can be when, through the practice of yoga, you become more conscious and more present in every moment of your life. Through the practice of Esoteric Yoga, your heart gradually fills up with love and your consciousness expands as to gradually encompass all of its surroundings into a blissful and ecstatic experience of life!

Our approach to the practice of Yoga is a more holistic one, we would say. Everything is presented in such a way as to help you discover how the healthy principles of life promoted by the genuine classical tradition of yoga can actually be applied to our daily western life in order to help us regain our inner peace, harmony and balance together with a better health of our physical body, as well. Becoming able to find this fine balance between the calls of the heart and soul and the necessities of the super busy daily life, will indeed trigger blissful and ecstatic states in everyone’s life.

Soma Yoga Scotland makes your heart blossom with Love and Joy!



The Sanskrit word viveka means "discernment".  This quality of seeing the true reality beyond superficial appearances is vital in traditional yoga.  Often the term is applied to our inner world: our Ego endlessly shouts that we are separate, lonely, vulnerable...

7 chakras in meditation

As our course develops over the weeks of each year, rather than just offering a drop in weekly practice, here are some of the highlights presented over the year. 

In the first year of the course, you will gain a...