New Academic Year Genuine Integral Esoteric Yoga Course

Beginners group: every Wednesday 6-8pm, starting September 2023

Shakti Course

Shakti goddess dancing

Yoga of sacred sensuality for women

Edinburgh Tuesdays 7.00pm-10.00pm 

In Tantra Yoga it is said that there is no greater practice than that of awakening the universe of a woman to its fullest potential!

So we are offering this Tantra yoga course for women, where we aim to deepen precisely this practice, of exploring and awakening ourselves as perfectly conscious and joyful women, by discovering and following the path of awakening our Goddess within!

We would like to invite all women who wish to bring more joy and more presence into their lives, to join us in this amazing Tantra yoga class!

I think time has come for us to take charge of our lives and make it as happy and fulfilling as we’ve ever wished it to be!  I invite you to join me in this Shakti group – a group of women animated by spiritual friendship and loving support – so that we explore the wonders of Shakti, of the Godly Power of Femininity that is so powerful and efficient that it can take one from the mundane into Heavenly realms!

In the Tantric tradition, Shakti is considered to be the bridge between humans and God, such importance is given to the role of the spiritually awakened woman who becomes a Shakti.  Let us come together and firstly become women full of self-confidence and then gradually dare to let our Shakti, our inner Goddess shine through and bring wonders into the world!

Join us in this Shakti group meetings and let us discover the tantric and yoga principles and methods that help us reveal our true feminine selves, that help us flourish, and forever wish to constantly grow, transform and be always more than what we were yesterday!

This class will be a combination of an in-depth study of the Mahavidyas, the 10 Great Tantric Goddesses, principles and techniques of the Tantra tradition, secret techniques addressed to women only, and so much more, all to make our life full of joy and ecstasy.