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Enneagram Workshop - Understand your personality and become free from its limitations

soma yoga enneagram workshop
11.30-14.30; 17.30-20.30
Soma Yoga Scotland

Tantra is a path of saying yes to life and of finding ways to awake and integrate all of our potentialities in such a manner that these help us grow on the path of spiritual realisation the fastest way possible. And our unique personality, in other words our ego, is in itself yet another such aspect of life that if properly understood and integrated, we can use for fulfilling our highest potential in this life.

The Enneagram is a system of nine personality typologies used nowadays as a tool for self growth. But more than just describing the characteristics of different personalities, the Enneagram actually reveals the nine nuances of the soul.

As most people who are engaged already on a spiritual path know, the ego (our individual personality ) is seen as a very useful instrument, which we must transcend, or in other words, make it be truly a  follower of our Soul’s directions, and not one that tries to take over.

Through the insight the esoteric science of the Enneagram provides, we can begin exploring our personality type (our ego) from a more conscious perspective, as a gateway into the soul.

The power of this system is that ordinary patterns of personality are seen as potential access points into higher states of awareness, thus allowing us to rise above these patterns, and through their help, become free to live life on a much higher level of efficiency and understanding.

The Enneagram helps us recognise our particular limiting tendencies, the ones we are most likely to give in, and thus get trapped in the limitations of our personality, such as: stress, doubts, self sabotage.

It also helps us see how once we understand the mechanisms of these tendencies, we are also given the extraordinary chance to rise above them, to become free from them.

In this way, we discover with amazement, how the very same tendencies that imprison us when we are ignorant and unconscious of ourselves, become a source of strength, harmony, growth, and spiritual transformation, once understood.

Discovering the Enneagram is discovering your true self. What we have seen before in a blurred mirror, will now become a clear reflection of our personality, and with it, we gain the freedom from it, in it and through it.

Come join us for an introduction into the Enneagram system and the paths of spiritual evolution of the 9 typologies and see how these can be part of your self-discovery journey, whether on a tantric path or not.